These days, kids at my school (for the blind and near-blind) really have a lot of tools and services to augment their disability. Those with limited sight, they take advantage of various lenses or even use enlarging lenses engineered specifically designed to assist in seeing things better.
Case 8. Jealous boyfriend threatened murder I was the victim of date violence in my sophomore and junior year. Currently
It's not only Seoul that's building towards the sky. North Korea's PyongYang seems to have caught the fever also. Yonhaps
Last Tuesday, an indoor animal park called Zooloo Lala closed its doors after less than a year of operation. Shockingly, corpses
Last month, Maxim Korea was briefly in the news for its upcoming September issue which featured veteran character actor, Byung
South Korea's minority party, New Politics Alliance for Democracy(NPAD), is pursuing a legislative throwback of sorts that
국회 산책로 10. There was practically nothing in its vicinity at the time of the complex's completion. Youido, in the colonial
I. According to "Suicide Prevention and Respect for Life Law (Suicide Prevention Law, for short)," the federal government is supposed to update its suicide prevention policies every five years.
In celebration of Korea's 70th Liberation Day, the National Institute of Korean History has compiled 66 photos taken between
It's come to light that Korea's premier institute of higher learning, Seoul National University(SNU), maintains a parking
An explosion on August 4 in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) between South and North Korea resulted in two South Korean noncom
Before I know it, I've hit sixty. A first among the so-called baby boomer generation, what I can say about my life to date
In Korea, this week is the peak of vacation season. Instead of "How are you?"s, people ask "Where are you going for vacation
He was born in Daegu, South Korea, but adopted when he was five-months-old by a Danish couple from Silkeborg, Denmark. All his life he grew up a Dane, hardly ever curious abut his identity, though cognizant that his dark hair and eyes looked different from his parents and friends who had blue eyes and blonde hair. Then in 2012, while working as a volunteer to international students at Aalborg University, he got his first taste of what Korean culture is about after meeting some exchange students from Korea.
K-pop's singing wonders, Wonder Girls, are back. The reconstituted K-pop girl group, composed of Yubin, Yeeun, Hyelim and
Personally, I don't have any faith in the Chinese Model. If I were comparing China to a car, I'd go so far as to call it a used model.
Citing that they're contrary to "[Korean] moral values or laws," Samsung Electronics has forbidden LGBT apps to be carried
When the noodles are about 60% done, add an egg to the soup mix. Make sure to stir the egg before pouring it into the pot
President Park should take with her a plane full of experts in critical fields such as climate change, human trafficking, non-proliferation and cybercrime and the team should engage in low-key discussions with their peers in Washington and elsewhere so as to produce substantial, but not flashy, results. She should not, by any means, try to "out Abe" Abe.
Korea faces the tremendous challenges of an aging society with the consequence that the concerns of youth are ignored in favor of the concerns of older people. Such a bias creates tremendous inequity in our society and the think tank should help to alleviate, not reinforce, that bias.