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Jason Mraz


Jason Mraz is a Grammy award winning singer/songwriter and certified yoga instructor. He sits on the board of the ASCAP Foundation and is the chief creative officer of his own Jason Mraz Foundation which serves to uplift humanity through the advancement of equality and arts education. His musical works have been recognized by the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Environmental Media Association for their positive impact on the world. Originally from Mechanicsville, Virginia, Jason is an advocate and practitioner of climate mitigation through regenerative agriculture. He resides in San Diego, CA where he continues to make music alongside operating a small organic fruit farm with his wife, Christina.
제이슨 므라즈가 말하는 '친절함'이 더 중요해진

제이슨 므라즈가 말하는 '친절함'이 더 중요해진 이유

사랑은 언제나 이긴다. 무엇과 비교해도 사랑이 더 중요하기 때문이다. 하지만 잡음을 뚫고 사랑의 목소리가 들리게 하려면, 다른 운전자의 입 모양에서 사랑을 읽으려면, 사랑이 스스로를 지속하려면- #LoveTakesAction. 사랑에는 행동이 필요하다.
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