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Angie Rowntree

Award-winning director and producer. Founder of, the web’s premier porn site for women.

Angie Rowntree is the founder of, the web’s premier “porn for women” site and winner of the 2017 XBIZ Award for Best Adult Website - For Women. Rowntree got her start in the adult industry’s online sector in the early ‘90s, making her one of the Internet’s true porn pioneers. She is regarded as one of the adult industry’s top female power-players and was inducted into the prestigious AVN Hall of Fame – Internet Founders Division in 2014. Rowntree has been profiled by a variety of major media outlets, including ABC’s Nightline, CNBC, Fox, Cosmopolitan, NPR, BBC, and TIME magazine. Most recently, Rowntree became the first member of the adult industry to speak at a Sundance Institute event, appearing at the “Creative Tensions: Sex” experimental interactive discussion event in Brooklyn.
'워싱턴 여성 행진'은 성노동자들을 포용해야

'워싱턴 여성 행진'은 성노동자들을 포용해야 한다

내가 Sssh를 만들었던 1999년에는 ‘여성을 위한 포르노’는 존재하지 않는 것이나 다름없었다. 여성들이 즐기는 성인물과 성애물이 있긴 했어도, 공식적 카테고리나 장르는 없었다. 거기엔 이유가 있었다. 여성 전반에
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