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Ani Zonneveld

Founder, president Muslims for Progressive Values

Ani Zonneveld is founder and President of Muslims for Progressive Values (MPV), a faith-based, grassroots, international human rights organization that embodies and advocates for the traditional Qur’anic values of social justice and equality for all, for the 21st Century. Since its inception, Ani has presided over MPV’s expansion to include chapters and affiliates in 12 countries and 19 cities. She has organized numerous interfaith arts and music festivals, and is a strong supporter of women and LGBTQ rights, of freedom of expression, and of conscience. She is the co-editor of MPV’s first book, an anthology titled “Progressive Muslim Identities – Personal Stories from the U.S. and Canada”; executive producer of a video series “LGBTQI Rights in Islam”; has contributed to many forewords and numerous anthologies too many to list and is a contributor for HuffingtonPost, OpenDemocracy and al-Jazeera. She recently gave her TEDx talk titled – Islam: As American As Apple Pie, and is the subject of a documentary title "al-imam" featuring Ani's activism works. As an award winning songwriter, she utilizes the power of music and the arts in countering radicalism as she speaks-sings her message of social justice and peace from a progressive Muslim woman’s perspective, and is the first woman to release an English Islamic pop album in the U.S. in 2004. For a full CV please visit:
ISIS와 무슬림 세계의 거버넌스는 불편할 정도로

ISIS와 무슬림 세계의 거버넌스는 불편할 정도로 비슷하다

나 역시 이맘(Imam, 성직자)이고, 진보적 가치를 위한 무슬림들이라는 인권 단체의 대표이다. 나는 서명하지 않았다. 나를 비롯한 여러 무슬림들은 이 서한의 배타적이고 자기 멋대로 정한 남성적 종교 권위주의에 이의를 제기하고 있기 때문이다. 여기에 포함할 여성 이슬람 학자나 여성 이맘을 단 한 명도 찾을 수 없었단 말인가? 최초의 여성 이맘은 선지자 무함마드가 직접 임명한 사람이고, 초기 이슬람 학자들은 여성들이었는데 말이다.
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