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Anastasia Walker

Blogger, essayist, scholar

A Maine native but an academic gypsy for most of her adult life, Anastasia Walker is a writer and scholar currently living and working in western Pennsylvania. She has placed poems in several journals, and can be heard on episode 2, "Dissent" (posted Feb. 28, 2018), of the podcast Breached, a projected ten-part series on the status of the social contract in America. Her scholarly work appeared under the name she was given at birth. She is committed to furthering a broader and deeper understanding of what it means to be trans.
'시스젠더'라는 단어가 주는 의외의 의미론적

'시스젠더'라는 단어가 주는 의외의 의미론적 혁명

얼마 전에 예전에 알던 사람의 이야기가 올라온 영국 웹사이트 링크를 받았다. 1시간 후 다른 링크가 메일 수신함에 들어왔다. 미국 라디오에 소개된 같은 이야기의 링크였다. 보내 준 사람은 "인터넷에 쫙 깔렸다."고 했다
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