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이 영국 여성은 풍성한 수염 덕에 기네스 세계 기록에 올랐다(사진)

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보조 교사이자 모델인 24세 하르남 카우어는 최근 기네스 세계 기록에 올랐다. 풍성한 수염을 가진 최연소 여성으로 말이다.

Harnaam Kaur(@harnaamkaur)님이 게시한 사진님,

코스모폴리탄에 의하면 다낭성난소증후군을 앓고 있는 카우어는 호르몬으로 인해 수염이 지나치게 많이 자라는 것으로 알려졌다. 카우어는 이 증상으로 인해 학생 시절 많은 괴롭힘을 당했다고 밝혔다. 또한, 그녀는 BBC 뉴스에 10대 시절에는 매주 2번 정도 왁싱을 받았으며, 수염을 탈색하거나 밀기도 했다고 전했다.

하지만, 그녀는 시크교도(Sikh)로 세례를 받은 16살 때부터는 수염을 기르기 시작했고, 이는 시크교에서 신에게 존경을 표하기 위해 지켜야 하는 다섯 가지 필수 교리 중 하나인 것으로 알려졌다.

Walking past my haters like......💃🏽💃🏽✌🏾️✌🏾💪🏾💪🏾👌🏾👌🏾💯💯😎😎 I dedicate this post to my bullies! Thank you all! Warning: Content below is personal and may be emotionally triggering for some readers! Always seek help if you or someone you know is going through any kind of abuse! I remember being laughed at everyday in school by many people from all year groups! Everyday in school was dooms day for me! I remember crying my eyes out in the toilets wishing the torment would stop! No one helped! I remember the teachers listening to my ordeals, they promised a lot but delivered so little! I remember sitting in the quiet rooms looking down at my bloodied arms and crying my eyes out! People would walk by, look through the door window an carrying on with their day! Thank you for not coming in to lend a helping hand! I remember sitting in the Library and writing suicide notes, which I printed out with the hope that someone would read it. Someone did and the bitches laughed! Cry for help? I think so! I remember walking by tables and the teenagers sitting at the tables would stab me with their pens! I remember showing the teachers my open wounds! Thank you for not helping! I remember tying to overdose on painkillers in the girls toilets, and then vomiting them out! I was in a lot of pain! The of course I told the teachers! Did they help? NO!!! I remember beating beaten, touched in uncomfortable places and being made to feel embarrassed in front of the class! I remember being cornered, the school footballers would then take a few footballs and boot them at me with all their strength! I was so scared, and I would cry out in pain! Of course my cries would've been heard! But did anyone help? NO!! I remember not attending trips as i was scared of being bullied by students from other school! It has happened the few times I attended school trips! I remember my books,pens and pencil cases being thrown out of the window on the second floor during the first day of school! I thank my bullies for throwing me to the ground which allowed me to stand up taller and stronger! When someone has been beaten down, the only way is up!This is me walking past my haters

Harnaam Kaur(@harnaamkaur)님이 게시한 사진님,

한편, 카우어는 지난 3월 런던 패션위크에서 패션위크 역사상 최초의 수염 있는 여성 모델로 데뷔한 바 있다. 패션쇼 직후 그녀는 인스타그램에 10대 때 자신을 비웃었던 모든 이들을 향해 당시 그녀가 얼마나 힘든 시간을 보냈는지 글을 올리며 많은 이들의 응원을 받았다.

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